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Whether you're moving into a new place or you're just tired of your old decor, buying new furniture is an exciting prospect that can totally transform the look of your space.

1. Dimension your space.

Start out on the right foot by measuring your room and the ideal size of the furniture you’re looking for. Although you may think that you can just ‘eye’ it, you may end up making a colossal purchasing mistake and buying something much too large or too small. When you have your exact measurements, you’ll be more focused in your search and less likely to purchase something that won’t really work.

2. Style that suitable with your room. 

In recent years, more styles of furniture have been available than ever before. Whether you’re looking for something modern, traditional, antique, or unique, there’s something on the market for you. When you’re out shopping, though, it can be easy to be persuaded by a salesperson to buy something outside of your typical style. Therefore, go shopping with a specific look in mind. You’ll be able to easily sort out what works and what doesn’t, and make narrowing down your options much easier.

3. Pay attention to quality to the piece(s). 

You are probably focused on low prices more than high quality. If, however, you are investing in a solid piece(s) of furniture you hope to last many years, then you should pay close attention to the quality. Wood furniture comes possible in solid wood, veneer, or plywood/particleboard or combination of them.

4. Finishing Color.

Although bright colors and fun patterns may sound great in theory, you should look for colors and patterns that will stand the test of time. When you are in the market for furniture, look for items that will last you many years and won’t need replacing - especially with color. Choose a good neutral tone for the majority of your furniture, and then opt to have one or two pieces in a color or pattern you enjoy. This way, you’ll stand a better chance of still loving your furniture years do

wn the road as your style changes.

5. Your lifestyle.

Although you may have always wanted an antique white or cream, if you are the proud owner of several pets and a few children, that couch probably won’t last long. Be sure to buy high quality furniture that will be used the most often, and lower quality (if you are trying to save money) on items that will get less use. Look for fabric that will stand up to a busy household if necessary, and pay attention to your color choices as well.



We are proud to inform you that we are manufacturing high quality mahogany wood furniture at the reasonable price. We also manufacture custom order mahogany wood furniture based on your request. Please send your custom furniture design to us to quote the prices and to make it specially for you.

Our design specialize in reproducing and recreating French style, American style,  Deco Art style, Chippendale style, Modern style and Customized Furniture.

Locally made and designed manufactured furniture pieces include armoires, dining tables, sofas, coffee tables, garden benches, day beds, desks, chairs, mirror, side table, flower pot and various shelves.

Please see how we do care about our wood at our manufacture furniture page. Please contact us if you have any inquiries for sustainable solid mahogany wood furniture. We are happy to quote you our best prices.



We produce furniture in Jepara - Jawa Tengah - Indonesia.

  • Jepara is one of the districts in Central Java Province. The capital is Jepara.

The regency borders the Java Sea in the west and north, Pati Regency and Kudus Regency in the east, and Demak Regency in the south. The Jepara Regency area also includes the Karimunjawa Islands, which are in the Java Sea.

Jepara Regency is located in the eastern coast of Central Java, which is bordered by the sea in the west and north. The eastern part of the district is a mountainous region.

The area of Jepara Regency also includes the Karimunjawa Islands, namely a group of islands in the Java Sea. The two largest islands are Karimunjawa Island and Kemujan Island. Most of the Karimunjawa area is protected in the Karimunjawa Marine Reserve. Crossing to the islands is served by ferries departing from Jepara Port. Karimunjawa also has Dewandaru Airport which is landed by a plane from Ahmad Yani Semarang Airport,

Jepara is known for its furniture industry, notably the teak and mahogany furniture. The industry employs approximately 80,000 people, working in a large number of mainly small workshops. The trade has brought considerable prosperity to Jepara, well above the average for Central Java.


Most people in Jepara Regency make wood carvings. On either side of the road there are many factories, carved warehouses, home industries or wood carving production sites as well as many school furniture manufacturers and other office furniture. Likewise, shops and showrooms that sell carving items are very easy to find. Jepara carving is made by skilled and skilled craftsmen. Jepara carvings are very famous for their beauty and excellent quality and are difficult to match.

Many of Jepara's carvings are marketed to various regions in Indonesia, and even exported to foreign countries. Therefore Jepara is known as the city of carving.

Carving is made by skilled hands by taking parts of material that are needed in accordance with the planned image, so as to form a unique and beautiful decoration. The tool used to carve is carving tools (in Javanese is called tatah). The image produced on the surface of the carving is concave convex which connects. Carvings can be applied to decorate or beautify various items, especially wood carvings on household furniture or also called carved furniture items.